New website has been launched

The year flew by and hopefully yours was filled with joy and excitement. A lot of great things happened this year at Northland Towers. Here are just a few:

Our new web-site is up and running! The new site gives you the ability to create a tenant login page that gives you access to create work orders, request keys and many other building services. Watch your email for instructions or request an invitation from Lori at

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5 Myths About the Role of HR

Listen to any conversation between disgruntled coworkers and one of them will threaten to take the matter to human resources. Sometimes that’s the appropriate route; sometimes it isn’t: but such is the culture of misunderstanding about the role of HR. In many workplaces employees – and even business owners – can find themselves confused. We decided to take a look at 5 of the more common misunderstandings about HR.

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Hello June

Father’s Day

A father means so many things, an understanding heart, a source of strength and support right from the very start. A constant readiness to help in a kind and thoughtful way with encouragement. Thank your father for all he has done. Happy Father’s Day!

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