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Medical Office Spaces Available
20905 Greenfield Rd, Southfield, MI 48075

Below are a few of the medical spaces we have available for immediate occupancy. We can help small or large practices find the perfect medical office space to rent in the Southfield area.

Please email us at or call 248 569 3180 Ext 207 and one of our leasing agents will work with you to find a unit that best fits your needs.

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It can often be difficult to find high-quality office space. Your industry doesn’t matter, either. First-rate office spaces tend to be few and far between regardless of the field. If you’re on the lookout for A+ medical office space, however, Northland Towers Office & Medical Center in the heart of Southfield, Michigan may be an ideal match for your needs. Relocating to a new office location can be quite an overwhelming, stressful and time-consuming process for anyone. The knowledge that you can look forward to this spacious and airy medical office space, however, may be able to help you stay right on track.

Why choose a medical office at our medical center

This medical center is large and can accommodate a vast range of different businesses. Its size is 20,205 square feet. If you’re looking for an office that’s anywhere between 86 square feet and 2,043 square feet in size, the Medical Center at Northland Towers can cater to your wishes. The complex has more to offer future tenants than just size options, too. It’s home to an abundance of roomy and attractive units that give professionals access to excellent views. It also has large open spaces that are ideal for meeting and conference facilities. It doesn’t matter if you need medical office space for a small dental practice or for a larger plastic surgery clinic. Northland Towers Office & Medical Center has many A1 options that should be right up your alley.

An Attractive and Clean Setting

An attractive and clean setting is crucial for any medical office, zero exceptions. If you’re looking to lease office space that’s the picture of meticulous, tidy and immaculate, Northland Towers Office may be the finest option in Southfield for you. This medical center has a setting that feels high-end. The building receives routine updates, too. If you want to work hard in a beautiful setting that’s no stranger to in-depth renovation, you can’t go wrong with Northland Towers. This structure has been a tradition in Oakland County since it was built all the way back in the early sixties. People who live in Southfield and beyond are extremely familiar with it. It has a great location in the city as well. If you want easy and quick access to anything and everything Southfield and surrounding locales have to offer you, it may be time to look into your choices at Northland Towers.

Inexpensive Prices

It can be intimidating to explore the world of office space leasing. Prices can vary dramatically. They can often be extremely expensive, too. If you’re interested in budget-friendly medical office space in Southfield, however, our Medical Center may fit the bill. The offices that are available at this center are competitively priced. They won’t break the bank. Businesses that are enthusiastic about clean, visually appealing and inexpensive office space in Southfield can get behind Northland Towers 100 percent.

Reach Out to Northland Towers As Soon As Possible

If you’re currently looking for fresh office space in Southfield, you should take action right away. Reach out to Northland Towers as soon as you can to receive further information. Our friendly representatives can answer any of your questions. You can also call us to set up an in-depth tour of our available facilities. If you’re looking to rent office space that leaves nothing to be desired, you can count on us completely. Call us as soon as possible to learn more about our modern, stylish and tidy office units. We can’t wait to hear from you.